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sthouhidh 12th June 2017 09:07

Infor LN Studio and DLL

when trying to generate the implementation identifier in LN studio, generating two scripts i.e sb and st scripts but it is also throwing some error like "can't open DLL 'otdpurbI890st00' for reading".Can you please help me?

bhushanchanda 12th June 2017 09:36


Moved the thread to correct forum - ION

Can you please provide some details like -

1. What is the BOD name you are using?
2. Can you check if the two scripts are generated in LN?
3. Can you check if you are able to compile them manually? Try compiling st script first and then sb.

Prabhanjan 13th June 2017 07:30

Hi Sthouhidh

As per Standard Practice we should create any custom BODs in "bo" package.

and then if you are gatting any error then try to compile "st" script manually(otdpurbI890st00) there you can easily find the issue.


sthouhidh 13th June 2017 08:35

2 Attachment(s)

1. BOD name is TestBOD.
2.Yes, the two scripts ( st & sb) are generated in LN.
3. Yes, we are able to compile st and sb scripts manually, But getting some error.
I have attached the screenshots of st and sb scripts.please find the attached screenshots.

sthouhidh 13th June 2017 08:39

Thank you for responding.when trying to compile the st script in ln, throwing error like Can't open DLL for reading.

bhushanchanda 13th June 2017 08:57

Ok, so, your st is having compilation issues and hence no object has been created on the server and hence the error of DLL.

Error 1:

You need to add return(0) in your onSet hook

Error 2:

There is a function
I am not sure what is it doing there? So, probably, you need to check it and fix it.

Once, you fix these errors and try to regenerate the implementation, it should work fine.

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