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g.sireesha 31st May 2017 10:43

Sensitivity Labels for entire company

Can anyone please help how can we create a Sensitivity labels for the entire company (Ex:100).

Please help ASAP.


Juergen 31st May 2017 11:17


yep, it's long time ago we use that functionality.

Check sessions ttaad3150m000 and ttaad3151m000.
But to use sensitivity labeling you have to enable it first in session ttaad0100m000 "Maintain parameters".
That was valid for an old FP3 system, but don't know if something was changed later on.


g.sireesha 31st May 2017 12:13

Hi Juergen,

I have enabled sensitivity label in ttaad0100m000 "Maintain parameters" and created new sensitivity label in taad3150m000 session and we did CRDD also still it's not working.


Juergen 31st May 2017 12:39

Hi Sireesha,

as already mentioned before it's a long time ago but I think it's not enough to create only the label in ttaad3150m000,
If I'm remember correctly ttaad3151m000 must be maintained also and from my memory it must be done for all tables.
Unfortunately I don't have an actual system to lookup were that feature is enabled.


NPRao 9th June 2017 00:27

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It's quite easy to implement the Sensitivity Labels.

1. Enable the Tools Parameters -> execute runtime -> logoff & log back in.
2. Define a Sensitive Label, color etc.
3. Add sessions (specific Company or All companies) and then set a sensitivity label to them -> execute runtime -> logoff & log back in.

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