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jojovalenton 24th May 2017 13:02

InforLN and Marel System
i just want to inquire if anybody has ever used marel system integrated with inforLN on the manufacturing module? we're using marel for weighing and bar code reading of items, if anybody has idea how they integrate seamlessly these two systems pls let me know. thanks.


sasikanth 22nd June 2017 09:32

Hello Jojo,

I've never got a chance to work on Marel System. However, with my experience on Integration Projects, we can make the applications talk seamlessly using ION as a Middle-ware. If you would like to know more about it, connect with me on LinkedIn. I would be happy to help you.

jojovalenton 26th June 2017 13:46

hi sasi,

thanks for reply. actually our goal in this project is that innova will enable to handle the production order, purchase order and sales order and update all the necessary counterparts in LN specially the finance integrations and inventory seamlessly. how could this be possible and how long and at at what cost just in case?

best regards,

sasikanth 27th June 2017 08:35

Hello Jojo,

I've Just dropped you a Personal Message. Kindly check & Revert.

jojovalenton 28th June 2017 07:39

you can send me email at


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