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r_nagu 16th May 2017 16:39

ERP Vendor Selection
Couple of years ago two of our divisions merged to form one company. Currently one of the division uses Oracle EBS for ERP and we use Baan.

Recently we received directions from the management that we need to consolidated and get on one ERP system. Through internal research, we have it narrowed it down to three ERP vendors at this point: Infor, Oracle and SAP. We would like to have these vendors come out and do the demo so that we can evaluate the best bit in terms of functionality and TOC but we are not clear as to what should be included in the RFP (request for quote) that we are going to send these vendors.

Below are some questions and hoping gurus out there can give us some pointers.
1. Should we document business process and create user requirement ourselves? That would probably be time consuming.
2. Should be hire an outside company that would help us with business process documentation and user requirement creation? Should this company also help us with ERP selection?
3. Other approach is to pick one implementation partner upfront and let them do all the documentation, user requirement and selection. But how many implementation partners are out there that have similar level to resources and expertise in Infor, Oracle and SAP and not biased towards one product?

Has anyone been through similar merger? What approach have you guys taken to handle these type of projects?
Appreciate your feedback.


mark_h 17th May 2017 17:17

Well going to throw my two cents worth in here. If I was you all the first thing I would do is have the businesses agree on how they will operate. If nothing else to document how the different sites or business operates. A simple example is one site backflushes common stock material and another does a push function(pick and issue) - both will work in most ERP systems, but sometimes something like this might cause configuration or software setups that impact the other site. So agree how to operate in some fashion first - maybe they are already have something like this. Depending on support works they might even want to agree how to create parts, PO, etc. There are some larger companies that may have experience with the different ERP's - not really sure.

After agreeing to the above I would bring all three in and have them do the sales pitch. And you can ask pointed questions and everybody can see the various systems. See what might work best for the way all sites agree to do business. I would not pick an implementation partner until you decided on the software to use.

Right now we are in the process of going from 4c4 to existing oracle erp in one case and a mapics(I think) to the same existing oracle erp. The biggest struggle I see us having is how the existing oracle erp is setup. It was configured, modified for the current division it supports - there are functions and features the other 2 sites can use that are not available to us. I believe we should have started with a fresh install of oracle - no RIE anything, just a plain install and agreed how to operate and then convert all 3 into it. Right now we run into basic issues that cause issues like part number naming, item revisioning, and even how text is formatted and printed. Again if I had a say we would not convert into an existing ERP.

My 2 cents worth of opinions for the day.

r_nagu 18th May 2017 16:32

Mark, thanks for feedback. appreciate it.

venkatncs 16th February 2018 07:50

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GaryEd 16th February 2018 14:17

now that some spam has brought this back to the top, I am sure curious minds would be interested to know what your company decided to do.

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