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dadwarf 12th May 2017 19:22

Noobs need help..
i need some help, in my company we use Baan with bw client to view customer's request.. but the client's interface is painfull and i would like to make a simple client (a webui) just to list each requests in a smarter aspect.
But.. i don't know anything about Baan : I tried to make sql queries in vbs but i don't know field's names, i even don't know what kind of database it is ! Where can i find some clue to begin my project ?

Here is my bwc config :

command=-- -set USER=xxx

Thanks a lot..

mark_h 12th May 2017 21:37

With only the bw client information I am not sure you can even get started. If you have the tools module you can at least look up tables and maybe see what they have for setup information. In our company that would not give you enough information to connect into the database to even read tables. Now what I could do is get enough information to use to connect into baan with the client (when you configure it there is an automation tab) and run sessions thru something like excel or VB. You can search this forum for OLE and information around that. But that was even more cumbersome to me than the client itself. It might work better for you, but I no longer even look at it.

Also if you log into baan using the client and bring up a session usually you can hit the help button and click on field to see its name. Without the tools module I am not sure how you could look up the tables see what is available and how they all link together. Someone else might have a better idea on how to poke around and see what is out there.

dadwarf 16th May 2017 09:25

Thanks for your answers Mark !

So with the help button i grab few things but i miss something :
my session is tssocc511m000 my first field show tssocc511m000dtssoc210.orno, so i guess field's name is dtssoc210.orno but olesql_parse return an error if try a query (but i works with ttaad200.user)..

bdittmar 16th May 2017 12:12

Biv / Ln Fp????ß
without knowing your System:

LN Featurepack a.s.o.
Used Database ?
it will be difficult to give some hints.

Table tssoc210 is Service-Order-Control Workorders
The index of this table is orno, pono


dadwarf 16th May 2017 18:19

You gave me a big hint Bernd ! I tried query on dtssoc210.orno but you point it it's in fact tssoc210.orno ! So it works but it doesn't qive me all tables.. you know this table's name are they all common ? I don't know what kind of database it is ! I've got no other tools.. just bw.exe and i would like to extract all data from my session tssocc511m000 just to make a webui !

mark_h 17th May 2017 06:51

Not sure - but in 4c4 I know I could query table ttadv420 in company 000 to get the table names - not sure that would help you. Then I could query ttadv422 to get the field for that table, or ttadv421 to get the index columns. I am not sure about LN or if you can even get to tables like that. On our unix systems I can shell out and run like bic_info6.1 on a session to get more information - not sure that is available to you. Once upon a time I had a tool that did something like this from Gfasbender - not sure if another company has tool like that or not.

bdittmar 17th May 2017 08:24

tssoc-tables for service orders

for Service orders These tables are used:

tssoc200    Service orders                  Index = orno
tssoc210    Service order Services      Index = orno, pono
tssoc220    Service order Material      Index = orno, pono
tssoc230    Service order Wage          Index = orno, pono
tssoc240    Service order Others        Index = orno, pono


GaryEd 17th May 2017 19:01

If your company uses baan you must have someone that is the administrator for it. suggest you start by asking them your questions.

dadwarf 22nd May 2017 08:15

It's a big company and nobody will understand why i'm doing that..
So i tried :

Set BaanObj = CreateObject("Baan.Application.default")
Query = "select ttadv420"
B_function = "olesql_parse(" & Chr(34) & Query & Chr(34) & ")"
BaanObj.ParseExecFunction "ottdllsql_query", B_function
query_id = BaanObj.ReturnValue

B_function = "olesql_fetch(" & query_id & ")"
BaanObj.ParseExecFunction "ottdllsql_query", B_function
Wscript.Echo BaanObj.ReturnValue
But olesql_fetch return -1 ??

BChary 22nd May 2017 08:31

I'm not sure, but i think your query is wrong, try:

Query = "select ttadv420.* from ttadv420"

dadwarf 22nd May 2017 08:47

you're right. but i don't know how to list all fields, this works but "getstring" from what ?

Query = "select ttadv422.* from ttadv422 where ttadv422._compnr = 0"
B_function = "olesql_parse(" & Chr(34) & Query & Chr(34) & ")"
BaanObj.ParseExecFunction "ottdllsql_query", B_function
query_id = BaanObj.ReturnValue

B_function = "olesql_fetch(" & query_id & ")"
BaanObj.ParseExecFunction "ottdllsql_query", B_function

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