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v0llhirsch 8th May 2017 07:34

Infor LN: components and architecture
Hi everyone,

I am an infrastructure guy but now facing a project where Infor is to be implemented and people are throwing product names and functions at me which I cannot process.
The customer is just implementing this, so his knowledge is a bit guesswork and I do not have direct contact to the Infor consultants.

What I am looking for is:
1) A short description what the system does
2) A dependency to the other systems (if possible, this would be great)

Google flooded me with nice marketing slides and so on, but I am looking for some basic overview and architecture.

I have a list of these systems:
  • Infor LN - Application
  • Infor LN UI
  • Infor PLM
  • Infor Factory Track
  • Infor Xi-Application
  • Infor Shared fileserver content
  • Infor LN-Database
  • Infor LN-Xi-Database

The LN DB/APP/UI would be the core service, right?
Classic three tier application with a dependency map like this:
<USER via web> ----LN UI ---- LN APP ---- LN DB

Now, do PLM, Factory Track etc. access the DB or the App?
Xi seems to be some sort of CRM(?), it has its own DB but will it access the LN DB?

And somehow I am totally thrown off by things like: ION, Meng.LE and their connection, where they are used etc.
In the HA guide documents I have seen that you can put the LN UI behind a load balancer for performance and failover reasons.
Did I get that right, would that take care my app/UI layer availability or are there any drawbacks?

Thank you so much in advance!

sasikanth 9th May 2017 12:08


1) Infor LN can be installed on a 3-Tier Architecuture: Application on one Server, Database on One Server, and UI on another server.

2) Infor Factory Track is an add-on Product. This product is used to capture the real time information from your shop floor and warehouse (such as receipts, order completions, cycle count, shipments etc). So, it is not Mandatory to have Factory Track in place to implement ERP LN, unless your business demands. Same the case with PLM.

3) All the applications such as Factory Track, PLM will talk to LN Application using BODs' or Web Services. No direct communication with LN DB :)

4) Xi is a Platform and comes with a Stack of Infor's Products such as Infor LN, Infor ION etc. It's not a CRM Application

5) Ming.le is a Social UI (Something like Face Book at Work), using which the ERP Users can collaborate and work smartly

Hope this information helps you. If you are looking for more information, reach me out on LinkedIn.

v0llhirsch 31st May 2017 06:42


sorry for the delay: but thanks - that helped a lot.



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