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conwedjpc 26th April 2017 01:41

extra demand in MPS first period plan
I have seen this happen in two products
4c4 and ERPLN 10.2
the active plan all the sudden started generating huge stock demand in period 1 for seemingly random items when the generate planned orders session is run. Those in turn plan down to the requisite sub items and materials generating massive planned orders for items with essentially no actual demand at all. The plan is creating demand for stock in massive numbers. if you run an interactive replan on the single item with the single item verison of the planned orders session with top down and bottom up item selections literally all the excess planned demand disappears and only accurate demand (where there is any) remains.
Infor has not responded yet to the incident.
what we are struggling with is where MPS or enterprise planning is coming up with demand pegging as planned stock in the first place.
it is playing havoc with our materials planning and no matter what we do, it comes back. clear all planned orders. delete and recreate night jobs. restart LN. so clearly it is somewhere in the goods flow but there is nothing there.
any ideas? or has anyone seen this before?

erplncons 27th April 2017 05:14

Hi conwedjpc:
Generally these kind of scenarios occur when there is some issue in the data. I would suggest you to check the planned inventory movement of items as well as order pegging details for abnormally high orders and then you would realize the data issue and may be able to take corrective action.

conwedjpc 27th April 2017 22:56

thanks there is no inventory planned movement that is even remotely indicative of these number. However, our forecast people loaded a new plan forecast last night and most if not all the bogus numbers disappeared. There does still seem to be some smaller excess demand but it hard to tell without doing what you suggest. The odd ones are no longer as obvious. So now I will need to watch the data again for a while to see if it crawls upward again with no apparent reason.

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