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Cindytan 6th April 2017 04:53

Block Report Operation Complete

How to block report operation complete when backflush material linked to the operation is shortage. Anyone has idea ?


sasikanth 9th May 2017 12:56


The standard Logic is that, the quantity will be updated first in the tisfc010 (Operations) and then the Back-flushing Process gets triggered.

This seems to be a more process related issue.

srikanthrp 30th June 2017 12:24

I agree with what Sasikanth has explained.....but if you still want to do it.....By Default you have functionality available in ERP LN where you select the operation you want to block and in actions you can find the BLOCK option by clicking on it you can block the operation, you should also give the block reason as "blocked for completion" stop the material from backflusing attached to that operation you can select "COMPLETED OPERATIONS ONLY" backflush material and hours (tisfc0220m000)


Never give up Because great things take time..:)

Cindytan 3rd July 2017 11:13

Dear All,

Thanks for your advice. Will try.


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