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Ajesh 23rd March 2017 15:31

Created a Workflow on PO, need the status to reflect back in LN
I created a workflow on PO..Based on Accounts department and Project Department the approval is given..

now the workflow is working fine, But what i want is that based on the result of the Workflow the Status of the PO in the LN should be modified or it should be reflected..

Where should i make changes? Which sessions?

ARijke 24th March 2017 09:42

Hi Ajesh, Did you start with one of the workflows delivered as standard LN content? If so which one. Did you use one that is fed by SyncPO BOD or by the ProcessWorkflow BOD?

Ajesh 24th March 2017 10:53

No,Adriaan. I did not.. Its a customized one? Did i fall into the loop of limited support and knowhow for customizations again?

ARijke 24th March 2017 11:37

In the workflow output parameters can be defined. Those will be send in a ProcessPO BOD to LN. That is a way to update LN based upon an action in ION.
As part of the standard content LN delivers also Document Authorization workflows (see the related guide). In such a flow the PO is blocked during PO approval is over.

Ajesh 24th March 2017 14:25

My Ouput parameter has Status in it. and in the WF the Status is being set to Approved/Open.. But nothing is happening in LN PO level..

ARijke 24th March 2017 14:29

Did you see the ProcessPO being send to LN in the ION OneView screen?
Did LN raise an error? ION error screen? What is the current status in LN for this PO?

Ajesh 24th March 2017 14:59

Yes there is a Process PO being sent to LN..

No error is raised in LN.. In ION Error screen getting an error for Sync.Error CBM-644543:0 but i dont think it is relevant here..

Current status for this PO is approved..

ARijke 24th March 2017 15:02

If current status in LN is already approved, what needs to happen in your opinion?

Ajesh 24th March 2017 16:41

I had rejected the wf should be pending for approval or open

Ajesh 25th March 2017 12:41

I am guessing, i need to update the Object Types in the Object Configuration Management, otherwise how else the system is going to know, if it is to update back the LN table, and that too for a Customized WF..

ARijke 27th March 2017 08:27

the workflow status field in LN only works when Object Configuration Mmt module is used. In that case the communication with ION is done via the ProcessWorkflow BOD. You mentioned that you use SyncPO BOD. This combination will not work.
Did you follow the steps to deploy a model in the ttocm module?
Adding a new object in ttocm is not just modeling work. It requires application changes as well.

Ajesh 29th March 2017 11:00

No Arijke..ProcessBOD is also created..

This is the Error BOD which i am facing now


Event Type:
Confirm BOD Generated

Event Description:
Confirm BOD created due to the following error: "Invalid Process Workflow BOD; Missing required variable 'ID'".
Event Date-Time (UTC):
03/29/2017 08:54:13.090 AM


Invalid Process Workflow BOD; Missing required variable 'ID'

The Document is purchase order and i had included ID as a Parameter Input... Not sure why this variable ID is not being picked up...

ARijke 29th March 2017 11:41

Probably better to have someone from Infor Support to have a look at your system.
I probably can't help you out without seeing your system. So please log an incident in Infor Xtreme.


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