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andrea.mior@ing 15th March 2017 12:07

"All Inclusive" Sales Quotations/Orders
Hi all,
we are trying to figure out how to manage sales quotations and orders for our customers. What we need is to show the customer an All-Inclusive quotation, so a single row presenting the price of the item, plus the price of transportation plus other services we want to sell to customer. What we know is a single row, no frills for customer, no amounts to sum or choiches available.
The difficult part for us is to still be able form a financial perspective to separate e.g. transportation service costs and revenues in LN from costs and revenues of the selled item (add transportation and services cost/revenues to the item will "contaminate" the margin on the item itself)
Do You have any suggestion on this?
Thanks in advance

erplncons 16th March 2017 07:24

Hi Andrea:
You may customize the Sales Quotation printing to club all the costs / expenses, etc., basically a report customiztion and it should serve your purpose

andrea.mior@ing 16th March 2017 17:52

thanks, yes we were thinking about the same way. We have to customize Sales order acknowledge and Invoice too to maintain coeherence on all the process.

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