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andrea.mior@ing 15th March 2017 11:29

Sales - Rent
Hi all,
we are trying to figure out how to manage rental through sales order. What we want to achieve is manage a sell of a service via sales order but I don't know how to properly manage trasfer of material (actually it still belongs to me) to an external warehouse. All manual?
Do you have any idea to share?
Thanks in advance

erplncons 16th March 2017 07:25

Hi Andrea:
This would need proper understanding of your situation and then give you solution. From the above your requirements are not very clear

andrea.mior@ing 16th March 2017 17:28

Ok, thanks for answer.
I want to sell a service, a rent of my item. To achieve this I have to give my item to my customer. For the rent period, the item is still mine but it is placed at customer's plant, so outside of my company/my warehouse.
What I'm not able to understand, my fault, is how to manage all these aspect. I think I have to produce a sales order and sell an item of Item Type "Cost". Here is my problem: how do I move my item outside of my warehouse and maintain a sort of evidence that 'this' item was shipped for rental, linked to a sales order? maual transfer and a note?
Thanks in advance

Ajesh 17th March 2017 03:08

This sounds like lot of customization...The inventory of your company is not sold and is on rent..And the sales order is not a Normal Sales Order but a Rental Sales Order..

inforbaan16 19th March 2017 18:23

Rental Sales
Hi All

I believe the Maintenance Sales Order functionality should be considered
as an option for below.


andrea.mior@ing 20th March 2017 09:22

Thanks inforbaan16, this approach seems to be reasonable, I don't like to cusotmize environment.
@Ajesh, not all my inventroy is rented, only some kind of items.
In general it looks strange to me that no one has similar requirements in LN.. :(

chandrajeet 29th June 2017 08:42

Hi Andrea,
For above situation you should Go with Part Loan & this is part of MSO . so using this you need to use service module and this would definitely help you out in respect of selling service and "company owned ownership".

Hope this would answer your query.

Chandrajeet kishore

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