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acmac25 13th March 2017 17:16

BAAN Bisam database access
We have a project coming in for archiving the BAAN bisam database data.

We would like to know the below details:

 How to access the bisam database?
 Which db tool is used to access the database?
 Is it accessible from the ETL tool like Talend to archive data with the help of java connection (JDBC connection)?
 How to check the server name, port and database credentials been used from baan front end, if possible from BAAN front end?

It would be really helpful if you could let us know these details as early and as detailed as possible, as we do not have any prior experience in this database.


bdittmar 15th March 2017 19:50

Tbase only with BaaN portingset
1st: AFAIK no external (ODBC ...) access to Tbase
Create a table dump for all tables with BaaN-Tools (TBase)
Install and configure a database (MSSQL,Oracle...)
Change BaaN portingset (TBase/Oracle/MSSQL)
Maintain/Change the DB at BaaN-Tools side
Create the tables and tabledata in new database from tabledump


acmac25 20th March 2017 09:25

Hi Bernd,
Thanks much for your reply. It is really useful. So, bisam database cannot be accessed by external db tool other than BAAN itself? Can you confirm on this point once?

jclju1 21st March 2017 15:38

There is one Baan tool qptool6.1, I used it few times.


# ./qptool6.1 -U
Usage : qptool6.1 script_with_query
or : qptool6.1 [options]
options: -c compnr
-q query
-a actions
p: parse query
e: execute query
f<nr>: fetch <nr> rows from query, '*' is all rows
b: break query
c: close query
t: commit
a: abort
d<nr>: set rds_full to <nr>
s: save retry point
r: retry query
m: get sql error message
n<nr>: set default company number to <nr>
o<nr>: set query timeout to <nr>
Default actions 'pef*bc'
-p parse mode
-f script_with_queries
Format: [ '@'<actions> ] <query> [ ';' [ '@'<actions> ] <query> ... ]
-r load references
-o output file for query result
-b size of rds full
-t set global query timeout

pbenven 11th April 2017 16:21

We use 2 tools: Safari UDMS (info-tools) and SeeMore. Sadly, Seemore is no longer around.

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