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Ferdian17 10th March 2017 04:33

configure demo image
Dear all,

I have three Demo Images (DC, LN, Xi), and already deploy on Hyper-V. All VMs are able to run properly. But I have difficulties to configure the network of all VMs so all of them can connect each other. I already follow the documentation and asked to support from GDE RequestX website. They said, they do not use Hyper-V so they can't support us. Also they said, our demo images are built and tested for the VMWare platform.

Is the demo image work on VM platform only?
Need help for this case.

Thank you,

sasikanth 22nd March 2017 08:25

I believe the Demo Images only works on VM Platform, so you should have an ESXI Server to handle all your VMs.

The best way is to follow the Installation & Configuration guides provided on GDE Portal.

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