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mattpb 20th February 2017 12:54

lot/serial tracking
Hi Guys,

We would like to introduce lot tracking across the whole production. Linking materials (Supplier Lots) used for production to our production order and the final lot number of the production itself.

Result should be final lot number links to n-number of n-supplier lots that absolutely identify supplier and it's purchase order.

Since I'm new to Baan IV I hoped you can give me some hints / guidelines where to start and what to look for.


erplncons 21st February 2017 05:19

Hi Matt:
Switching on the Serial and lot tracking in BaaN is very easy part. However building the system to track the lot and trace them back from sales order to purchase order is bit difficult or rather tricky part as it would need information like:
1. how many 'stages' of production are there from RM to FG,
2. how many RM need to be tracked / traced
3. whether you have bar codes / similar technology implemented or the data entry is manual?
4. Volume of production and many more.
Considering the complexity, I would suggest that you first get all the information about the points, study the material available in BaaN help or other websites and implement it. It's very difficult for somebody to tell you complete process on this forum.

avpatil 27th February 2017 19:20

It is possible and have done in past. If you are new to Baan then you will certainly need help


mattpb 1st March 2017 10:01

Hi. - Thanks for the input. I've found a very helpful start / blog here:


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