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pralash 10th February 2017 10:42

Basic Report in ERP Ln
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Basic Report in ERP Ln



I'm freher to ERP Ln... I am create a Report and also execut it successfully.
But i can't get the clear idea of the following codes in the programming script. 

|****************************** declaration section ***************************

  table   ttfedu710 | testing table 3 employee

   extern  domain  tfedu.inte       emid.f
   extern  domain  tfedu.inte       emid.t 
 |****************************** field section *********************************
   emid.t = emid.f

function read.main.table()
    select tfedu710.*
    from tfedu710
    where   tfedu710._index1 inrange {:emid.f}
                                    and {:emid.t} 
    order by tfedu710._index1

While i execute the sesion, i'm getting two text box for getting initial and last employee id....
But in the previous script, the value of emid.f is assigned to emid.t....
So how can i get the report from 1 to 5 (if i give 1 and 5 are the first and last value)...
 Anybody please guide me....


manish@erpln 13th February 2017 13:28

Printing Report for Range of Input
Hello Pralash,

It's a default value of "last employee" that is coming due to the below code written in your script i.e. whatever the value will entered in first employee field will be assigned to last employee input field as well.

emid.t = emid.f

So you can change the value of Last Employee input field.

For example :-
Put 1 in first input field , press tab and then put 5 in second input field( or change the value of second field).

Manish Kumar

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