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balayaswanth 8th February 2017 02:58

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Hi, I need to create a AFS using  a session which will read data from file on the client system.It should pass values and execute  the session in the background. error(log)  file should created once session is completed.I have created a new session.My challanges are to validate the file path ,read the data from flat file "|" seperated and acheive the functionality of running the called session on background by supressing the pop ups(print device) and pass the data.I am new to this.Can any one help me in this.  Thanks,Balayaswanth 

mark_h 8th February 2017 14:38

Search the afs form for things like spool.device, etc. You can run a report to like ASCIF and not ask the user to pick a report or device.

All I do to validate for the file is open.local(I think that is it) - if it works the file is present. Then I typically use client2server to move the file to our unix server and process it.

Lots of options to validate data in the file - process the correct records, give errors for those that do not work, etc. Or you can write the errors to a table - then give them the option to fix them in the table with a maintain session and reprocess them. Just a lot of different things you can do.

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