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mikejs 2nd February 2017 10:02

Task Numbers in Routing
the task field in routing tirou003.tano is a 4 character numeric field. We have reached the maximum number of 9999 tasks. Has anyone had this issue and how did you resolve it? Has anyone got any suggestions on how to increase this? Is it possible to change it to alpha numeric giving over 1.5 million?

vinceco252 2nd February 2017 21:59

I thought tano was an alphanumeric field. opno in tirou102 is a long...

mark_h 3rd February 2017 14:06

In 4c4 Vincent tano is an integer. We only use about 127 tasks. Not sure about 5 or ln. My first thought was to review the number of tasks you have - make sure no overlap or something you could consolidate. If you change the length of task - everywhere it is used has to be changed and recompiled. Not something I would want to undertake.

vinceco252 3rd February 2017 20:46

Sorry, I was looking at a Baan 5 system...

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