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srkndnsn 2nd February 2017 07:12

Error in Warehouse freeze/confirm shipment lines
Dear all,

I get this error message when warehouse freeze/confirm shipments.

whinh4131m000: Application error in session whinh4131m000: Wrong use of DAL Engine ('unreachable' failed): something wrong with the last Database Transaction.\n\nFile: ittstpdaltbl0 (line 2606).\n\nDescription:\nDB error 100 on table cisli812 in company 444.

Anybody have an opinion to solve this error?

Thanks in advance,

sasikanth 22nd March 2017 08:15

Do you have any Customizations or User Exit DLLs' in place? The best way is to put a trace and analyze it.

Alternatively, you can raise an incident with Infor and share the Trace File, so they can probably give you a better solution.

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