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nitin h 29th January 2017 12:23

LN output in Arabic

We need to submit certain documents generated from LN in Arabic to certain government agencies.

We need a utility which can convert output in English to Arabic as predefined dictionary.

Please suggest if anyone has done this.

bhushanchanda 1st February 2017 15:19


Is the data to be translated Static or Dynamic? Is it stored in the database?

For a static translation, you might explore the feature of MLE(Multi-Language Enabled) feature of LN and try activating the Arabic language pack(check and confirm if there is one with Infor Support)

Once done, you need to import the translated data into LN using Import utility present under Tools->Translation(not exactly sure where it is) and then customize the report using proper tools functions.

There is no real time translation in LN as far as I know. All you need is a pure customization here.

Some more info here -

nitin h 6th February 2017 14:56

The data is dynamic; print Invoices, packing slips, etc in Arabic.

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