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gruvi_navy 25th January 2017 10:25

restore database
Hi All,

i have customer the server infect virus all file in server. But the database was not infect by the virus. In here, i have question How to restore database while we only have database. Maybe anyone have tutorial for restore database?

thank you for your attention and your kind.


DEVINDER ARORA 25th January 2017 18:37

Restore Database
I believe you are in position to take backup of current database.
This can be restored on same server or different server as required.

Steps to restore on different server -
Connect to the appropriate instance of the SQL Server Database Engine, and then in Object Explorer, click the server name to expand the server tree.

Right-click Databases, and then click Restore Database. The Restore Database dialog box opens.

On the General page, use the Source section to specify the source and location of the backup sets to restore. Select one of the following options:


Select the database to restore from the drop-down list. The list contains only databases that have been backed up according to the msdb backup history.

NOTE: If the backup is taken from a different server, the destination server will not have the backup history information for the specified database. In this case, select Device to manually specify the file or device to restore.


Click the browse (...) button to open the Select backup devices dialog box. In the Backup media type box, select one of the listed device types. To select one or more devices for the Backup media box, click Add.

After you add the devices you want to the Backup media list box, click OK to return to the General page.

In the Source: Device: Database list box, select the name of the database which should be restored.

Note This list is only available when Device is selected. Only databases that have backups on the selected device will be available.

In the Destination section, the Database box is automatically populated with the name of the database to be restored. To change the name of the database, enter the new name in the Database box.

In the Restore to box, leave the default as To the last backup taken or click on Timeline to access the Backup Timeline dialog box to manually select a point in time to stop the recovery action. See Backup Timeline for more information on designating a specific point in time.

In the Backup sets to restore grid, select the backups to restore. This grid displays the backups available for the specified location. By default, a recovery plan is suggested. To override the suggested recovery plan, you can change the selections in the grid. Backups that depend on the restoration of an earlier backup are automatically deselected when the earlier backup is deselected.

To specify the new location of the database files, select the Files page, and then click Relocate all files to folder. Provide a new location for the Data file folder and Log file folder.

I hope this helps.

gruvi_navy 26th January 2017 03:18

Hi Devinder,

thanks for response my problem. by the way i must reinstall windows and then reinstall application infor, right? and then i will restore the database previous? right?


jclju1 26th January 2017 09:45

It could be a problem, if table definition will be not the same as they were before.

You have to have the same Infor installation as it was before (same solutions and customizations).

gruvi_navy 3rd February 2017 05:57

Hi Devinder,

i tried to way your direction and then succeed. But while im login to infor found error. Maybe you know the error? the error is bdb_errno 510 on ttadv999.

thank you

bdittmar 3rd February 2017 08:09

Error 510

Originally Posted by gruvi_navy (Post 201262)
Hi Devinder,

i tried to way your direction and then succeed. But while im login to infor found error. Maybe you know the error? the error is bdb_errno 510 on ttadv999.

thank you


This error indicates that the database is not on.
If this error occurs during the installation, you must check the log files for the error causing error 510. For example, error 28 ENOSPC - No space left on device can cause error 510. In that case, solve error 28 before you solve error 510.


Han Brinkman 8th February 2017 12:19

So the connection in tabledef6.x must be wrong.

gruvi_navy 9th February 2017 03:20

Hi Han,

Thanks for respon my problem, i cant access file it. because the file is corrupt. Now i want reinstall application infor LN FP 7.


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