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rochus 15th January 2017 10:24

Use of Filter
Does anybody have an Idea, how to disable session startup filters
using AFS (ERP LN).

User can set a default Session filter (for maintain Session),
which is coming up starting the session.

In case of AFS call of this session i'd like to disable this filter,
otherwise the stapi.find will fail.

At the moment the only chance i see is to remove the user default view
before calling this session in api.mode.

any ideas welcome.

mark_h 16th January 2017 15:11

The one thing you can do is in the session code you can use api.mode - check it if true do one thing, if not do another. I have sessions where I could do this:

if api.mode then
  .....import a variable...
  .....get session defaults....

Now - I assume there is a way for the user to clear these filters? I am not on LN so I do not know about these. But if the user can clear them, then I am thinking you could do the same thing when you first start the session. Sorry - I just do not know anything about these filters.

rochus 16th January 2017 23:07

thx, i know about api.mode.
but i dont want to customize the std. program script,
i prefer to handle without any change (even is source code is optional).

mark_h 17th January 2017 13:52

Well the one question is - if you start the session manually are there steps you can run to clear out these filters? If so you might be able to do the same with AFS commands.

rochus 19th January 2017 13:59

yes, but i cannot find this command as an "std- command like add.set etc",
i will trace the session to find out

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