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swidema 12th January 2017 15:25

Consignment Warehouse (call-off type) - pulling material
I work for the company that assemble Finished Goods from the material provided by our Suppliers
I am currently implementing Consignment Stock (call-off) Warehouse for one of our Suppliers in our premises.
From Financial Perspective everything seems to be working fine (Consigned Not-owned warehouse).
The problem I came across is in relation to picking up the material for the production.
Consignment Warehouse is a set as a default Warehouse on the item level for picking (when pulling for production order).
So when it comes to start production order it is ok.
The problem starts when we have some material that needs to be returned (i.e. from production, after internal rework etc.) and to be used in the future.
We decided to return it to our regular Production Warehouse, however since Consignment Warehouse is set as default Warehouse for picking system will never ask for the ones on the Production Warehouse.
Is there any solution that can enable pulling materials from the Production Warehouse in the first place and if the Stock is "0" ask for the ones in Consignment Warehouse?
Any other solutions are very welcome.
Thanking you in advance

chandrajeet 30th June 2017 07:25

If you are using LN version of FP7 or onward than you can use full VMI . In Full VMI you can receive your material to your consignment warehouse than we would have the supply relation with your shop floor/production warehouse so in this case system would generate transfer order for shop floor/production warehouse . Hence you need not to set consignment warehouse as default warehouse for BOM.

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