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sai krishna 1st December 2016 08:57

Calendar code of below requirement
Hi to every one,
i want the code for the below requirement

Here i will give the clear example ::
suppose when i select the project in the zoom section below i want to come min date(starting date of a group projects)
max date(last date of a group projects) these two has to come in a calendar section.the min and max dates are in Activity schedule.any one knows could you please provide the code of the above requirement

thank you,

bhushanchanda 1st December 2016 14:59


You can use arrays to do it. Say you use 3 arrays for three columns. Now based on the number of days, you can fill the values in these arrays and then print them. Another way is to use 3 different variables and then assign the values to them using the conditions and print them on the report.

Second one being an easier option, you can chose first if you want the columns to appear dynamically rather than being fixed.

sai krishna 2nd December 2016 06:07

Thank you sir for asset me.
But i am a fresher can you please send me the sample code of the my requirement.Do you have any Material regarding the Baan coding .
thank you,

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