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heyitslujan 29th November 2016 00:04

Product Configuration Error
Hello All!

First off, thanks in advance for taking the time to review this. I was working on a constraint and received error, "Length 10002 is not allowed". Is anyone familiar with this error? Some further explanation would be much appreciated.

heyitslujan 29th November 2016 00:21

Product Configuration Error
Hi All!

Thanks in advance for reviewing my post. I wrote a validation constraint and received the following error, "Length 10003 not allowed". I've received 1002-1004. The constraint is about 250-300 lines and 26k characters. If anyone is familiar with this error I'd appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

mark_h 29th November 2016 13:53

Sorry - I don't have an answer for you but the too threads looked very similar so I combined. Never used constraints - for grins and giggles did you try shortening it? Of course I do not even know if that is possible or how these work.

EdHubbard 29th November 2016 14:47

Could be that you are using the "reserved/special" name length in a non parameter substitution section of constraint logic.
The PCf parameters in tipcf0100m000 contain the settings for certain special names in constraints. Length is one of them. So you can call it, for example "len" in there and that might avoid the problem.
Without further detail of where and when you are getting the message it is difficult to say.


heyitslujan 29th November 2016 20:02

Hello again! The error was due to character limitation. I rewrote my constraints with less characters and it functioned correctly. Thanks for taking the time to review my post.

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