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Ajesh 18th November 2016 15:30

Disabling PO Approval Process through ION>

Right now , in our system, the PO approval process is going through ION Workflow and i want to disable it so that the aproval happens within LN.

Any Answers?

bhushanchanda 19th November 2016 03:04

You can use Object Configuration Management Module to disable the action related to PO approval. Check for the deployed actions from session Deployments by Package Combination(ttocm0111m000). Refer Infor LN Integration Guide for Infor ION Workflows and Monitors for more information.

Note - Deactivating the OCM deployment might erase the approval history data. Hence following the recommended steps, you can create a new OCM deployment for PO Approval without the approval action added and then activate this new deployment. System will automatically deactivate the current deployment. Check KB#1696639 for more info.

Ajesh 20th November 2016 07:43

Somehow, the session for me disables the Enable Button for me. Its just read only..Any idea which authorizations/permissions i am missing..?

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