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jeffery 4th November 2016 02:42

LN integration WebServices
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I can get the data from LN, but can not write the data into LN.

sasikanth 15th November 2016 08:08

LN Integration Web Services.

I always test my web services in this way,

1) Deploy the Web Services using C4WS
2) Get the WSDL from the deployed Web Service
3) Try using SOAP Clients to test the Web Service (Ex: Soap UI)

I'm not sure how you are testing the Web Service that you have developed.

Good Luck for your testing !

Feel free to revert if you still have any concerns/queries.

bhushanchanda 18th November 2016 10:24

Not sure if this helps but you ca try adding a Sync Method to it and then put the triggering code there.

jeffery 21st November 2016 09:49

@Sasi Kanth V @Bhushan thanks a lot!, it is ok now

bhushanchanda 21st November 2016 10:43

If possible, please post the solution. It will help others in future.

jeffery 21st November 2016 10:57

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1、Install c4ws or install LN UI
2、config ERP Server
3、depoy the webservices

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