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DFisch 1st November 2016 16:26

Interface MS Project Server and ERP LN
Hi Guys,

actually I am working in a project in Germany, where we are in a migration from Baan4 PCS to LN Project.
The customer uses MS Project Server intensively and I know nobody, who knows both.

So we need a programmer and/or consultant, who can help us to setup this interface.
The customers knows MS Project Server and I think, I know LN a little bit ;-).
Has anybody of you a contact, that I can order? We think about 1 or 2 days for the first time, maybe later more.
The customer is located near Frankfurt/Main.

Thanks a lot

benito 1st November 2016 20:11

I think
Since you are in SQL server and using Microsoft technologies, I would think that you can make a good use of SSIS and a whole lot of customization in your PCS or Big Project. It's not straightforward but doable, in my opinion.

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