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bansaanu 18th October 2016 13:56

No record generated in tlesb300

We are setting up ION-LN from scratch and we have completed following activities:

1. Installed both the systems
2. Created a connection point in ION. Connection test is getting successful
3. Selected desired documents in the connection points
4. Created and activated document flow between ION and LN

As per my understanding ION-LN adaptor should have created entry in tlesb300 for all the valid document flows but the issue is I don't see any entry in that table. Can you please suggest what could be wrong?


bhushanchanda 18th October 2016 15:25


Is there any BOD which will be published from the system where you are checking the table? If yes, try deactivating and reactivating the document flow. There have been problems with the adaptor. At times, you need to manually update the table.

ARijke 19th October 2016 07:50

Hi Anubhav, The subscriptions in tlesb300 will only be generated when there is a receiving application defined.

There are two options:
The document flow also contains a receiving application. It seems that you created a doc flow with just LN in it. So that is not enough.
The other option is that ION itself is this receiving application. At moment you activate for example a monitor on the sales order bod, there will be a subscription generated fro the sales order BOD in LN. (This requires at least 1 active doc flow with LN as application).
So what do you want with the BODs send by LN? that needs to be defined as well in ION.

bansaanu 19th October 2016 16:48


You are right on the spot!!! I was going to update this thread with exactly the same finding that I came across yesterday during my hit and trial but noticed you already had explained the solution in such a detailed manner :)

Thanks a lot for keep giving your such a valuable input all the time!!


Thanks a lot for your time and input as well!!


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