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The_Hummer 6th October 2016 15:00

BOM - Table
Hello all,
I'm kind of newbie in regards BAAN.
We are basically decom BAAN and archive in to an archiving platform, and we need to replicate some report, specifically for BillOfMaterial extract and related costs.
Is there any particular view or table aggregation I may use for the purpose?

Many thanks
Kind Regs

mark_h 7th October 2016 22:54

Well it depends on what all information you are looking for - tibom010 bill of material and tiitm001(item master) are two of the main one we use. There are other tables that could come into play for specific things(ie - unit effectivity, date effectivity, etc).

bdittmar 8th October 2016 14:37

ticst , tirou a.s.o.
Hello, as Mark suggested,
tibom010 and tiitm001
also ticst (Cost) tables and tirou (Routing) tables maybe for interest.


The_Hummer 10th October 2016 14:53

Thanks you both for the good start: is there any standard SQL statement for a BOM explosion + related cost using as input a Material Master (main equipment)?

Thanks a lot

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