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blanchap 5th October 2016 17:33

projects vs Standard items

we're using the manufacturing projects in baan.
We're also using standard items.

the comapny wants to stop doing projects.
I want to know if there is any reasons why it's benificial by doing projects
instead of creating a standard item all the time,
Put a side the fact that you won't have to create a one time deal item in the
standard item master.



GaryEd 5th October 2016 19:38

Are you also using configurator?

baanravi 6th October 2016 07:43

PCS items are generally To Order items which help you in planning, delivering, tracking, costing, etc.
These are not off the shelf items. Depending on the business requirement this module should be put to use.

rohit_367 4th November 2016 21:30

PCS is very good in tracking inventory,costing & planning related to the Project. It creates a business discipline in inventory management where items are used in the relevant project only. You can track costing of the items in details. If PCS is used with Microsoft Project, you can also manage project planning. If projects are same then you can just copy the existing project & create a new project. I will always recommend to PCS because once project is closed you can perform a project audit & analyze it easily. Generally people use PCS for Project Tracking ,Visibility of Cost & maintaining discipline

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