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cylamhk 9th July 2016 22:03

Infor Ln 10.5
Infor released Infor Ln 10.5 in June. The list of enhancements can be found in the release notes of Ln 10.5 and Enterprise Server 10.5. I think these 2 features are most outstanding, comparing with 10.4

1. Data authorization on sales order, purchase order, item...
You can define row level authorization before through roles in Tools package, but that is complex and not perfect. From now on, users only see the orders, items which are relevant to them.

2. Table row versioning
A version column is added to each table. Before that, to achieve delayed lock updating, the application compares the value of each table field to make sure the table record is not updated by someone else. That is not efficient as a table may contain over 100 columns. Now it only compares 1 column.

jeffersyuan 11th July 2016 04:49

Except the data authorization, Repetitive Production is the most interesting in this version.


cylamhk 12th July 2016 00:15


Originally Posted by jeffersyuan (Post 198725)
Except the data authorization, Repetitive Production is the most interesting in this version.


Agree. This module has not been enhanced since Baan 4. Ln has strong features in MTO/ETO and now ATO environment. But it lacks good functions in MTS, which is the manufacturing type of consumer products.

Ajesh 12th July 2016 06:43

Table Row Versioning seems an interesting feauture too.

cylamhk 13th July 2016 00:26

The release notes of 10.5 can be found here
Click Documentation -> Release Information

The setup of data authorization can be found here
Click Online Help -> Common -> Authorization & Security

rippobv 29th August 2016 09:56


Are you aware of any training documents on Infor LN 10.5?
I have found these user guides but looking for more.

stefanogalani 29th August 2016 19:24

Hello Guys, it seems interesting.

I am used to work in a env with several cps on 10.3 std and with localizations for Brazil, we have several issues regarding table lock sometimes, specially because it's integrated with our Data Warehouse platform, improvement on this area seems to be very promising.

inforbaan16 30th August 2016 09:09

Hi All,

Apart from above some of the other Cool features include

1) Global Trade Compliance for Item Export
2) Employee -Resource Management
3) New Inter-Company Trade Module
4) Many New Work benches such as Purchase Contract Workbench, etc(in fact the list is large)
5) Another Cool feature is the single shipment from multiple warehouses
6) FMEA concept under QMS , etc.

jojovalenton 14th October 2016 05:03

before even if it is testing demo copy is it possible to run standard sessions like this session tfgld1101m000.

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