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jclju1 1st July 2016 13:27

Session can only be started via another session

I want to change used database from Orace to SQL Server. I defined new database in ERPLN and transfered some companies into new base. Everything works fine if company 000 remained in Oracle. When I transferred company 000 into SQL Server I can use ERPLN anymore.

I can start Worktop or LNUI and open some sessions (Change Company and ttsit0500m000). For other sessions I am getting error "The session can only be started via another session".

If I put session code in BW client command field, session starts and normaly works.

Any idea?


Ajesh 5th July 2016 11:24

Which session specifically is giving that error? Any Standard session? Please give the Session Code.

jclju1 25th July 2016 08:54

As I wrote before I was getting this error for (almost) all sessions.

The problem was in old tss_mbstore6.2 file. We changed this file and restarted ERPLN services and now we are able to start sessions.

rochus 15th September 2016 21:30

same problem
can u tell pls. , how to change tss_mbstore
getting the same problem after migration to new server

jclju1 17th September 2016 13:29

It is not enough to change tss_mbstore file only. If old instalation is not unicode and you migrate to unicode database, unicode migration must be done.

rochus 20th September 2016 12:32

if u change back the sql-collation to iso_bin, it works without
unicode migration ...

srprks 10th November 2016 12:14

Same Error is coming in a particular customized session. Please help..


jclju1 10th November 2016 12:39

This is not the same issue. Check session settings (ttad2100s000).

srprks 11th November 2016 10:31


Main Session check was removed earlier :D:D

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