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pillai.ganesh 8th May 2016 14:19

Restricting records through DEM
Hi Friends,

Looking for your help in the below scenario:
I have 2 Purchase teams in my organization. One does Direct Purchase while the other team is involved in Indirect Purchase. As per our new business policy... we are to restrict the users from accessing the POs that dosent belong to their team.

Can I achieve this without customization? I mean through DEM...


bhushanchanda 9th May 2016 09:36


Not sure if its possible through DEM but its surely possible through Role Based Authorization. DEM might not be having the capability to go to the field level.

srprks 8th February 2017 08:07

How to achieve this field level authorization. I tried but when I am trying to open any session its shows no authorization.

P.S. I have given the role for all the sessions and every table.


sasikanth 31st October 2017 07:32

Hi Ganesh,

Which version of LN you're using? If you're on LN 10.5, this is possible using the "Authorization and Security Module".

If you're on earlier versions, you might want to review the AMS Functionality of Tools to cater your needs.

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