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msalman 14th January 2016 19:48

Need Help
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Need Help



I need urgent help regarding Baan IV ERP.Because i don't know ABCD of Baan.
But my company assign me the Baan IV ERP project.So, my job in trouble . 
Please help. 

Pawan Rao 22nd January 2016 20:46

+91 9619936710 ( Watsapp)/pawankp971(Skype)

samurairex 7th December 2016 06:49

Hello Baan experts. I am new here.
May I be allowed to post here on this thread regarding my concern in BAAN system.

I encode prices in the BAAN system, a colleague of mine approves the price.
The problem is that there were errors that some encoded prices were not approved.
To house clean the pricing, I need to download all those prices that were not approved.

Can I ask your expertise on how may I download all those codes that were not yet cost calculated or approved.

This is greatly appreciated.

bhushanchanda 7th December 2016 08:57


Instead of adding a question to a blog, you should create a new thread in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Forum

samurairex 7th December 2016 10:26

Thank you bhushanchanda. Will do that.

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