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darkhorse 25th July 2015 11:55

Is hint Ineffective on DB2
Hi Every one ,
I was encountering a performance issue when opening a session.
I took CGP of that particular session in order to find out the root cause.

In that, I found one Query taking most of the time in which Index Hint was being used since secondary index were used.

I wonder on SQL server that query works fine with hint reducing the time.

Thus I wanted to have clearer view on does Hint effective depends on SQL Server, DB2 etc.

Waiting for your all valuable suggestion.

darkhorse 17th August 2015 13:50

Any Advice/Idea on this Issue.

Thanks in advance

pillai.ganesh 17th August 2015 14:05


The Hint Clause is a code processed by baan bshell so it is independent of the backend database. Weather your database is Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 the hint clause will work the same.
It is basically to tweak the evaluation plan generated by the query processor, to execute the query.
Hope this helps.


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