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patwanirav 22nd July 2015 07:06

Utility to convert ERPLN reports into CSV file format
Please refer attached code and document.

This code works in both mingle environment as well as in worktop (client) environment.

bhushanchanda 22nd July 2015 09:53

Sorry to say, but code and utilities is not a forum to share someone else's works. The script looks like being developed by other people and hence has to be removed unless the original developers permit.

patwanirav 23rd July 2015 04:52

Hi Bhushan,
Yes I know that someone else's work is not allow to post as a new utility. I had also not done the same thing. But yes I had used the someone's code which is working only in worktop (client) environment and also in Unix OS only. I had modified that code to work that utility in Windows Environment as well as in both mingle and worktop.

You can remove this utility. I had just thought that this should be sharable which will help to someone and hence posted here.


bhushanchanda 23rd July 2015 11:56


No problems. You can always create a file transfer utility for Ming.le. Just make sure you use the template mentioned here Code & Utilities Template

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