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günther 12th May 2015 15:58

Remember me button no longer working
Hi friends.

I'm looking at least once a day to baanboard. And I'm pretty sure I was able to login without typing my logname and password (because I used the "remember me" button some time ago).

Now, I'm no longer able to use this feature. Am I the only one that misses it?

What I did: cleaned my browser cache, saved all information with "remember me" -- but I cannot see a cookie from baanboard.

Any ideas?

Regards Günther

bhushanchanda 12th May 2015 16:08


Which browser are you using? My Chrome gets me logged in without "Remember Me" as well. I clear my cookies,browsing history once or twice in a week but haven't had any problems yet.

günther 12th May 2015 16:11

I'm using Internet Explorer 11.

Regards Günther

bhushanchanda 13th May 2015 13:43


You might take a look at this. Seems like its an ongoing issue/bug which is under investigation from M/S.

You can try any of those 3 workarounds mentioned there.

mark_h 13th May 2015 15:20

I am on IE 11 at home and I do not have any issues at all. I might not check everyday, but most days I do. I have not had an issue with this. I will confirm when I get up, but I did just apply a bunch of updates this past weekend.

günther 18th May 2015 11:05

Finally, I found the problem. In the internet options, there was the option "automatically clean the browser cache on closing" selected.

Regards Günther

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