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bhushanchanda 22nd January 2015 15:55

Baan/LN Way - Live Cricket Scores - Powered by Yahoo Pipes! World Cup 2015!!
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So, this utility is for the ones who wants to -

1. Connect LN with Cricket
2. Who wants to know the XML Parsing in LN
3. Who wants to know the concepts of pipes.
4. Who wants to know about curl usage.

So, here it goes.

1. Create a 3GL Script.
2. Copy the attached code.
3. Run it.

You can use it in whichever you like i.e. creating display session, report, dialogue etc maintaining the terms & conditions noted.

This utility uses Yahoo Pipes to generate the XML of the live cricket scores and stores it on server. LN takes care of parsing and showing the results.

So, have fun! :)

Note- File name is currently Windows compliant. Change it according to the server.

ravin_singh 27th January 2015 12:47

this was fun.. works like a charm. Thank u.. 2 days back ws thinking what curl actually does. good one.

sam291091 28th January 2015 05:31

Getting Error Message
Hi bhushanchanda,
I was run your 3gl and getting error message "couldn't resolve host name".
Is there any solution for this?

bhushanchanda 28th January 2015 08:13


Make sure your server is connected to the internet.

Try to run this link on your server browser to see if you get an xml view.

sam291091 28th January 2015 09:13

Hi bhushanchanda,
This link is open successfully in my server browser.

bhushanchanda 28th January 2015 09:15


Now check if the contents are downloaded or not to the file you are providing. Debug and see the return value for function.

sam291091 28th January 2015 09:17

It Return ret Value as 6 and that file is create cric.xml but it is blank

bhushanchanda 28th January 2015 09:37


Check if you have not mistyped any thing in that URL. Alao, try to run the program from Server and check the result.

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