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patvdv 10th September 2014 14:12

IP change
Hi all,

This saturday - 13-Sep-2014 - the Baanboard server/services will move into a different IP range. This will mean that the site will be intermittently unavailable during most of the day (9am-6pm GMT). By the end of day I expect all DNS services around the world to be up-to-date with the IP switch and you should be able to reach the site at the new IP.

mig28mx 12th September 2014 00:27

Thanks Patrick
Thanks Patvdv.

patvdv 14th September 2014 17:04

Hi all,

The IP change has been done but the DNS updates (glue) is experiencing considerable delay. However, I reinstated the DNS server on the old IP so the site should be available to everyone again. In the mean time, I will keep chasing up my registrar.

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