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ARijke 20th May 2014 08:48

search option are removed?
Hi, The search option seems to be removed from the menu. I did use it to see the latest unread posts. Will it come back? Or is there another way to see all new posts on 1 page since my last visit?
Regards, Adriaan

bhushanchanda 20th May 2014 10:09


I guess you need to log in to use the "Search". One more way is to go to a specific forum and sort the threads by "Last Post" in descending order to get the latest threads.

ARijke 20th May 2014 10:23

Hi Bhushan,

I always log in. I was able to see the new posts since the previous log in time. That option was part of the search menu at the left hand side.
So do you see the 'Search' option in the menu?

I can see the search option in column header of a specific forum. But I was used to do a single search and get all posts my last visit.
Regards, Adriaan

bhushanchanda 20th May 2014 10:38


Yes, I am able to see the Search option on the left hand side. Do you mean, you don't have it there? Have you checked if it is minimized or something?

bhushanchanda 20th May 2014 10:45

Also, check you settings.

Go to My Account - > Edit - > Check if the options under Block Configuration are ticked.

Next, go to My Account - > Edit - > Change Email or Password - > Edit Option - > Thread Display Mode - > Try setting it to Hybrid.

Let me know if it helps.

patvdv 20th May 2014 13:00

Hi Adriaan,

Sorry, my fault. With some anti-spam measures we implemented over the weekend, some permissions got set too restrictive. It should be fixed now. Can you check please?

bhushanchanda 20th May 2014 13:04

Thanks Pat for the prompt response.

Adrian, I hope it resolves your issue.

ARijke 20th May 2014 13:21

Hi Pat, Thanks!
I now see that it is not the search menu but the 'What's new?' menu. Both are now available again.

Regards, Adriaan

günther 20th May 2014 19:00

Hi all,

this morning at the office I was missing the complete "Forum" menu (Forum Homepage, What's New?, Search Forum, Quick Links) and some others. First, I thought that's the next Problem with my new IE10.

Now, I'm at home and I've checked both IE11 and Firefox 29.0.1 and everything Looks as it used to. So I guess there was a temporary Problem.


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