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patvdv 13th May 2014 14:29

Problems with IE10?

I am wondering if there are forum users who are experiencing problems when replying to a post in Internet Explorer 10? One member is reporting a problem whereby the message field remains grayed out and when submitting the reply, an error message about 'message is too short...' is thrown. The error message would indicate that no text has been received on server side as any message needs to have a minimum amount of characters in order to validate as acceptable.

bhushanchanda 13th May 2014 14:43

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Hi Pat,

Site works best with Chrome. Though just ran it with IE 11 and worked fine with the reply thing.

May be a bug with the browser. Not sure. I faced some other issue with Mozilla Firefox, where if I try to add a link, it simply adds the link with an "underline" and doesn't let me edit its description.

I guess Firefox bug.

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