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praj17godbole 5th February 2014 11:49

URL encoder
Is there any function available for URL encoding?

bhushanchanda 5th February 2014 12:30


Try this:-


string result(100)

result = curl.escape.encode$  ("")


#include <bic_curl>
in your script.

I guess this is what you are looking for.

praj17godbole 6th February 2014 04:35

yes. this function worked..Thank u..

praj17godbole 6th February 2014 04:39

Also, is there any functionality available in LN to handle json.. as in to convert xml to json..

bhushanchanda 6th February 2014 05:32


No, there are no direct functions or libraries in LN to do that, but off-course you can build your own utility to convert XML to Json. Like, you can develop a Java utility and can integrate it with LN. There are a few open-source libraries to do it.

I found a few posts.:-

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Hope it helps.

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