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patvdv 3rd April 2013 08:32

NEW: ION forum and new moderator
Hi all,

As most of you probably have noticed already, there is a new ION forum covering topics on the Infor ION technology. You can find it under the Baan SIGs section on the forum homepage.

At the same time, I'd like to welcome Bhushan Chanda as new moderator for the ION forum.

bhushanchanda 3rd April 2013 15:50

Thanks Pat,

Feels great to be a part of a new team.


george7a 3rd April 2013 16:21

Welcome Bhushan! Best wishes!

bhushanchanda 3rd April 2013 17:41

Hi George,

Thanks :)

mark_h 4th April 2013 23:37

Welcome as a moderator.

bhushanchanda 11th April 2013 22:26

Thank you :)
Thank you Mark. :)

cte sistemas 6th May 2013 17:11

Welcome Bhushan to this team.

Thanks for the help that you may give us.


bhushanchanda 7th May 2013 17:37


Will do my best :)

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