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patrick 26th June 2012 13:19

Tool to show active Baan users on Windows SLM and/or RDP sessions
Many post are found in this forum regarding licmon issues, and how to get access to the Active Baan Users.

And especially in a windows environment using the new SLM (in a fysical or virtual machine)

Or using Licmon in a Remote Desktop Session it just does not work, unless you are on the console session.

This can be a pain !

I can help you all to make life easier.

This is an self contained EXE file (no installation required). That will list all Active Baan users on a windows server the consumes an ntbshell session.

It can as well copy the content so you can easily past it in Excel for example.
More feature can be added on demand.

Anyhow if people are interested in using this just get in contact with me.
Using the BaanBoard Private Messenger Feature.

mark_h 26th June 2012 14:45

You can always share the code in the "Code and Utilities" forum. Just a thought.

patrick 26th June 2012 14:49

Hi Mark,

I can't share the code since this is an compiled EXE file not written in Baan Script language.

Maybe I posted this in the wrong section of the forum ?
Please go ahead an reallocated the thread if needed.


mark_h 26th June 2012 20:11

I think I will move it and leave a permanent redirect thread so others can find it. You can always just attach a plain text file with the code(whatever written in) into the thread. I believe there used to be some VB code(too lazy to search) in the code and utilities forum for browsing local files. They might have even attached an exe or zip file to the thread. Can't recall but I believe others will be interested in what you have done.

Indianidol 5th July 2012 14:51

Link missing
Hi Patric & Mark,

Where can i download this file? The link in the post is not working.

Kindly advice.


mark_h 5th July 2012 15:03

Send patrick a pm or an email. You can do this by clicking on the user name - there will be a send a pm or send an email(assuming it is setup). PS - the link does not work for me either.

patrick 5th July 2012 21:37


The link has been restored.



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