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Tigroo 15th June 2012 09:54

Report PDF
exists in the standard FP7 INFOR LN function to generate reports in PDF ?
What system support Infor?


mpenno 15th June 2012 22:25

See KB 22900612 on Infor Support :

For printing to a PDF device a new device should be created in session Device Data (ttaad3500m000). The device type should be "Rewrite file", the checkbox "Intermediate File in XML Format" should be checked, the field Argument should contain a string starting with "XML -PDF:" and the name of the executable which should be started "acroRd32.exe". The field path should contain a filename on the server (like ${HOME}/pdf).
Porting set version 8.2b is needed to implement this solution.


Tigroo 18th June 2012 17:51

thanks for your suggestion.
I'm going to try your solution!


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