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fmathias 20th February 2012 22:27

Baan omni completion for Vim
I've written a vi plugin that adds autocompletion functionality for baan scripts. It does require a little bit of preparation though.

The script and installation instructions are available from ( or more detailed on github (
Don't get scared by the early 0.2 version. It is very usable already.

The API file generation was build with LN in mind and is untested for BaanIV or 5.

I hope some of you might find it useful. And if you have any suggestions or issues just let me know.


JaapJD 2nd March 2012 13:04

For LN you can use ERP LN Application Studio that has a lot of built in features for 4GL: code completion, templates, outline, open declaration, global searches, etc.

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