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pjohns 19th January 2012 15:14

Cannot print to EXCEL device on Windows 7

A user at work has just been given a new Windows 7 PC. When trying to print to the EXCEL or WORD device from Baan they keep getting the following error.


Env : Baan IV (c:\program files\infor\bw\baan iv)
Program : BW file q:\ui\bw\ts\win32\p_applet.cpp # 485
Keyword : TsApplet::start()
Username : type:S language:2
Process : 4072
ProcessSet : 987435@TEE987435:4072
Lasterror : 2 (The system cannot find the file specified.)
Errno : 2 (No such file or directory)
BdbErrno : 0
Message : 1 : Couldn't create process. File=excel, Parameters="C:\Users\987435\AppData\Local\Infor\BW\Baan IV\tmp\tmp029580563.txt", Verb=NULL, Error=2


The user's old PC also ran Windows 7 and could print to EXCEL or WORD without any issues. I have comapred the two PC's and can see no difference in the BW set-up or permissions on the BW files. The user has "Full Control" to all files under C:\Program Files\Infor and C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Infor directories.

If I manually open Excel or Word and navigate to the txt or rtf files under C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Infor\tmp I can open the files okay. So the tmp029580563.txt file in the error message above can be opened directly from Excel. This would indictate that there isn't an issue with file permissions on the temp files created by Baan.

Any ideas?



rochus 19th January 2012 18:05

create tmp folder
c:\program files (x86)\Infor\BW\Baan -->\TMP


c:\users\<user>\app data\local\Infor\BW\Baan IV --> \TMP

mark_h 19th January 2012 19:01

One of the things we had to do was get the C:\Program Files\Baan\tmp permissions for the users to write into. This the location that comes with the install of the client for us, but the security group locked down the program files directory originally. Once we got the tmp directory enabled with the correct permissions it started working. I cannot remember the exact error we got.

lsatenstein 18th September 2013 16:50

My problem is that the Baan server downloads the file correctly but the baan client attempts to startup excel, and therein is the problem. The Baan Client crashes with a process error.

bhushanchanda 18th September 2013 17:41

Hi Leslie,

It may depend on the version you are using also it varies with the WebUi/Worktop too. app_start() was used for worktop but it doesn't work for Webui, you can try start.application.local() function in you are on LN.

Before that, check the permissions to the tmp folder on client machine. We normally give full rights to everyone for folder C:\Program Files\ .

Also, the excel report name should not contain "/" character. This will cause problems too.

rajeshell 12th February 2015 12:49

Try this solution

chris_kzn 12th February 2015 13:15

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... it might also be linked to the Device, which might have the full location of the Excel program being used. You might have used Office 2003 and upgraded to Office 365 / 2013 and maybe from 32-bit to 64-bit. How is the device calling Excel?

vinceco252 12th February 2015 18:10

It looks like it's trying to open Excel with just "excel"; see if you can type "excel" in a command window on the user's PC and if it opens Excel. If it doesn't, the path to the Excel executable will need to be added to the PATH environment variable...

crdeshpande 26th June 2017 17:57

Just run BECS with administrator

mark_h 26th June 2017 18:03

An old thread - but here locally we are not allowed to use administrator. If I need that I have to find someone who had the right permissions.

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