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fschew 29th November 2011 09:14

Session tisfc0101m100 is very slow

Access to the most recent record is almost immediate, but it can take up to 20 minutes to access an older record (say,about 20 records away from the most recent record). Once in the session if we use the left arrow on the menu bar to go to the previous record, it will takes a long time, whereas using the right arrow key to go the the next record will be very fast.

We don't have much data as we only started to use it since the beginning of the year. We are using FP3 running on oracle database. We have reorganized tables tisfc010, tirou001, tirou002, tirou003 and tisfc001.

Any feed back is much appreciated.

Thanks and regards

mark_h 29th November 2011 16:30

Did you rebuild the indexes and repair reference counters at the same time? That has helped us in the past and is the only suggestion I have.

Kozure Ohashi 29th November 2011 21:40

As far as I remember, baan will read the next n (20 or something) records in the buffer ...

So if you move to the next higher record it is already in the buffer and seems to be fast.

If you select an previous record, the querry will be executed once again ... which will take some time.

This was always a test for me checking the response time of the database and check if the statistics has to be updated.

But if you only have some data and running on oracle proper setting of your statistics should be checked ( we always set estimate statistics with 30 percentage).
To check if the oracle statistics are the reason you could switch the optimizer to rule based (not cost based) just for testing.
Another point could be setting proper values to max permutation (how many ways to the data should be checked before querrying ... we reduced this setting ... and get faster response).


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