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Sachinjoshi 4th October 2011 10:58

Session time out
Dear Masters,

Can you help me in How to set session timeout for WEBTOP users. At present session timeout is working fine for worktop users, but for WEBTOP users session timeout functionality is not working.

Thanks in advance.

Sachin Joshi

lebowski 4th October 2011 11:17

Hello Sachin,

you can set it for the whole environment in $BSE/lib/defaults/all.
If that file does not exist yet, create it. The parameter has to be set this way:




Sachinjoshi 4th October 2011 12:31

Dear lebowski,

Already set in $BSE/lib/defaults/all. This works only on worktop. This doesn't applicable for WEBTOP. i.e. Users who are using worktop then comes under session time out criteria. I want to control users from WEBTOP



jaotto 4th October 2011 17:54

I believe that this was an issue with certain versions of webUI. If you upgrade your WebUI this issue should be resolved.

GaryEd 4th October 2011 19:56

We are going though the same thing. We are just starting to use webtop for a few users on a test basis at the moment. I was told by support that the session timeout for webtop has to be set in the webtop admin module. You also need to disable the message polling.

tapzho 12th October 2011 16:55

session timeout on WEBUI
on the webui server edit the following file

Insert the timeout parameter in the followiing line e.g for 10 minutes


rket4u 29th November 2011 08:12

I am running an ASP.NET 2.0 application in IIS 6.0. I want session timeout to be 60 minutes rather than the default 20 minutes. I have done the following
1. set in web.config
2. Set session timeout to 60 minutes in IIS manager/Web site properties/ASP.NET configuration settings
3. Set idle timeout to 60 minutes in application pool properties/performance.
I am still getting a session timeout at 20 minutes. Is there anything else I need to do?

Ajesh 24th July 2017 10:59

There are so many different servelets in web.xml file.. Where exactly to put session_Timeout variable??

Its working in BW but not in MingleLNUI...

Ajesh 25th July 2017 16:32

All right, i have a similar problem to this..

I have a long query so when the stp goes inside this query and it is more than 60 seconds, the connection with the Web Server is broken..

I need to find a way to ping to the Webserver when it is close to 60 seconds that ways the connection will be kept alive for more time.

Any Ideas?

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