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tbrault 2nd July 2002 11:55

pb : increment of purchase receipt line
Hi, I have a question about incrementation of purchase receipt lines :
When I have a reception of a purchase line (in table : tdpur041 ), the purchase receipt line (in table : tdpur045 ) increment of 1 .
In fact, if there are not remainder, I have 2 line in the table tdpur045 for one purchase line order : the first line, with the receipt number 0, have receipt qty = 0, receipt date = null... and have a statut = 3(receipt maintain). The second line with receipt number = 1, receipt qty = qty to receipt... have a statut 9 (receiption = OK).
Why, the reception created a second receipt line?
Help me
PS : In delivery maintain, if there are not remainders, when I have a item to deliver, baan don't created a second line

Djie-En 2nd July 2002 12:57

Sequence #: 0

If you use session: tdpur4410m000 (Print Goods Received Notes)
the purchase status of the Purch. line changes into : 3 (Further no changes in the record and no records are created))
After using session: tdpur4120m000 (Maintain Receipts) You'll see that a new record has been created with sequence#: 1 and several fields are changed).
So if you have several partial deliveries, a new sequence nbr has been created, but the first numer (0) still has the status of: 3 but the deliveries have another status (e.g. 5 or 9).


tbrault 2nd July 2002 13:42

Then the fact that there is a new line with a sequence = 1 is normal. OK.
But, can we avoid that the program created a new line when there aren't partial receipt?

Djie-En 2nd July 2002 14:45

Hi Thomas,

I think it is standard Baan, if you do Maintain receipts:
A new seq# has been created because of keeping initial values of a purchase-order-line.
(E.g. purchase price, Procedure mask and so on)


ulrich.fuchs 2nd July 2002 18:07

Re: Seq.#
This is indeed a difference to the sales order behaviour of Baan IV, where the first delivery changes sequence number #0, and does not create a sequence number #1. I guess there were just two different softwrae designers at work... If there is any other design reason behind that, please let me know, too. ;-)


didier 3rd July 2002 09:20

ok Thanks!:)

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